COMPASS Pol Emerald Mirror<br />Kryptek Neptune Frame
Find your way to great style! Our WX COMPASS features a unique semi-rimless lens design on top of a full frame. The removable Facial Cavity™ Seal provides long-lasting comfort and prevents dust and dirt from getting into your eyes. Whether you're working in the yard or scaling a mountain, the WX COMPASS will keep your eyes on the prize. Frame all dressed up in Kryptek® Neptune™ camouflage with a perfect matching emerald mirror.

The polarized lens provides the user with a better vision and allows the eyes to feel more comfortable and well rested. Most users will find polarized lenses immensely helpful in improving the clarity and quality of their daytime vision.  Polarized Wiley X lenses reduce glare and the special material and filter makes it easier to see into the water and therefore also makes it ideal to watersports.
The Wiley X Filter 8™ Polarized Emerald Mirror (Amber) polycarbonate lenses is an amber tinted lens under an emerald green multi-coat mirror surface that’s specially designed to amplify color contrast and deliver high visual definition. Distinct colors and crisp acuity in all light conditions for superior vision performance. The WX polarized lenses provides 100% UV protection and is coated with hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating protected by the T-Shell™ scratch resistant layers.

Best New Eyewear 2019
Wiley X beat sunglasses and eyewear brands from around the world to win the award  Best New Eyewear' at the EFTTEX 2019, as voted for by a
panel of highly knowledgeable judges.

Last year Wiley X won the same award with their extremely popular WX Nash style from the Active series, featuring the Kryptek® Altitude™ camouflage pattern. Wiley X also won the award in 2017 with the WX Boss.
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COMPASS Pol Emerald Mirror
Kryptek Neptune Frame

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Varenummer: CCCMP07
COATINGSHard CoatingHydroAnti Reflective
GLASFARVEPolarized Emerald Mirror Amber
STELFARVEKryptek® NeptuneTM
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I tre årtier har Wiley X været en stolt familie- og krigsveteranejet virksomhed. Som en af de førende producenter indenfor optisk teknologi, eksisterer Wiley X fordi de anerkender at nutidens livsstil udgør en konstant trussel mod øjnene. Alle Wiley X produkter udsættes for adskillige krævende tests for at kunne blive certificeret til EN.166 og ANSI Z87-1 – faktisk er Wiley X det eneste solbrillemærke i verden, hvis komplette kollektion er certificeret i henhold til EN.166 og ANSI Z87-1. Derudover har alle ballistiske brillemodeller også bestået militærets kraftige ballistiske anslagstest.

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