Morten Dons

Morten Dons is a Danish racecar driver with an enormous talent, and his resume emphasizes that: Danish Champion in Formel Ford, Swedish Champion in GT5 Challenge, and a Team Championship in British GT4. Morten Dons is now a rising star in the European Le Mans Series, where he won his first race in the LMP3 series at the Imola track in 2015.

With his new racing team, RLR MSport / Mike Smith Motorsport, Morten Dons is chasing his dream of participating in the 24 Hours Le Mans in 2017. We at Wiley X will offer our full support, and we are thrilled about the opportunity to work with a talent like Morten Dons.

"I'm very pleased to work with Wiley X. In motorsport you look at every single detail to achieve the maximum performance. I see the same high level of professionalism at Wiley X, which make them a valuable partner for me on my road to Le Mans."


"Olympic medal winner"

"Wiley X does not only produce fantastic safety eyewear – but using the different models and colors Wiley X carry in their wide range – these glasses have improved my shooting – both when I go hunting as well as on a professional level when competing on a national as well as an international level."

Holstebro Rowing Club

In August 2011 Wiley X became sponsor of Holstebro Rowing Club, a perfect opportunity to reach the many rowers in Denmark and to give something back to the local community. Both Wiley X and the club are very thrilled about this sponsorship, and Wiley X looks forward to follow the members in their hunt for medals.

Hauke (Max Hunt)


Mik Prinz

In the spring we were spot on with everything: the fish were there, the conditions were just right – the rest was up to us and our fly fishing skills. You can do a lot of preparation before you hit the water, but when you are on the water, this is the time and place to get everything just right.

In my fishing, the speed of my fly and the depth at which my fly is fishing is very important. Therefore, it is crucial for my success that I can follow my line in the water as well as in the current. I can honestly say that I have tried and used a lot of premium fishing eyewear in my 27 years as a fly fisher, but I have never found a match to Wiley X in this phase of my fishing. I can follow my line in the water and read the water perfectly when wearing Wiley X polarized eyewear.

The fit of the eyewear is fantastic – often I don’t even feel I’m wearing them, which is ideal when fishing for a whole day. Wiley X has helped make me a more a more successful angler and right now my favorite is the new WX Omega with emerald lens and Kryptek camouflage on the frame.

Kim Sørensen

Kim Sørensen is a known flietyer and fliefisher in Denmark. Lots of salmon and seatrouts have meet and tastet his flies. He still got the title of catching the biggest salmon on flie in Denmark by a dane ever. Kim don't compromise quality of the gear. He's favourite glasses today are two model's Omega and Boss.

Thomas Weiergang

I am a freelance author, illustrator and artist. But between assignments, I try to squeeze in as much fishing as I can, and I love all kinds of fishing and fish for all kinds of species. This means that the trunk of my car is in constant disarray with all kinds of tackle.

The one thing that never changes, though, is my eyewear. I've used Wiley X for a long time now, and I honestly can't imagine being without the confidence it gives me.

Paul Booth - Catfish specialist

“As a fishing guide on the river Ebro in Spain, top quality eye protection is a must. WX sunglasses are not only preventing my eyes from the harmful UV lights but they also vanish the reflection shining back at you from the water surface - Wiley X ticks all the right boxes. The removable facial cavity seal is preventing dust and bugs getting in my way and the fact that my polarized WX float makes them excellent for use, while fishing from a boat. In one word: Perfect!”


“Wiley X polarized glasses are the best I have ever used. There are two reasons for that. The first one is that their capacity to see in the depths of water is absolutely amazing; the second one is the fact that they are almost unbreakable. The second reason is almost as important as the first: when fishing, eyes are in permanent danger! This is obviously the case when fly-fishing and spin fishing, but also with many other techniques. Last year, a friend of mine lost an eye when ledgering. He had a snag in shallow water, his line was made of monofilament, he pulled, his hook opened – and the rig with the lead flew back to him, straight into his right eye that literally exploded. This would not have happened if he had been using the shatterproof lenses of Wiley X.”

Eric Torres

I'm Eric Torres from Spain. I enjoy many different kinds of fishing, but carp fishing is one of my favorites. I fish all around the world for different fishes, and one year ago I started doing land based Shark fishing and I love it!! I use Wiley X on all my fishing trips. It is perfect for seeing the fish under water and I feel more safety. The new WX Omega with Polarized Emerald Mirror Amber lenses and the Kryptek® Neptune™ Frame is my favorite now!! Looks very cool!!

Allan Overgaard

Bo Rønholt Frier

My profession is to teach other people how to fish, and I spend all my spare time searching for seatrouts and salmons. To catch a white salmon with a single-handed fly rod is the ultimate experience for me. The perfect fishing experience needs the perfect gear, - and I will never compromise with my gear. I have been wearing Wiley X glasses for more than a 1000 fishing trips home and abroad since 2010, and they have never let me down. Sublime polarized filter and an impressive strength. Now I wear WX Peak which is a pair of strong sunglasses with a fantastic fit and style and suitable for all kinds of activity.

Emiliano Gabrielli

Franz Bodum

Henrik Larsen

Lars Fabrin

Mikey Sarelin

Pierre Monjarret

Jan Delaporte

Jan Delaporte
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