Ole Pedersen - Official Tracking Dog Handler For 20 Years With Over 1400 Searches

"I am an official tracking dog handler and I have on average 75 searches per year. The game we seek is both wounded game from a hunt or from traffic collisions.

In the fall of 2014 I was on a routine search for a wounded red deer. Everything went according to plan and the dog had contact with the wounded deer. I ran after the red deer through the woods when I suddenly and without warning got a branch in my left eye. The next day I could not see anything with my left eye. After a visit to the doctor’s and to the hospital it was concluded that I had damaged my iris. I barely avoided an eye operation and after the ophthalmologist’s statement it was pure luck that I didn’t have further complications. I have learned my lesson - I never go hunting or search for wounded game without my Wiley X Eyewear."

Mik Prinz - Skeena, Kalum and Kitimat River Spring 2015

In the spring of 2015 we were spot on with everything: the fish were there, the conditions were just right – the rest was up to us and our fly fishing skills.

You can do a lot of preparation before you hit the water, but when you are on the water, this is the time and place to get everything just right. In my fishing, the speed of my fly and the depth at which my fly is fishing is very important. Therefore, it is crucial for my success that I can follow my line in the water as well as in the current.

I can honestly say that I have tried and used a lot of premium fishing eyewear in my 27 years as a fly fisher, but I have never found a match to Wiley X in this phase of my fishing. I can follow my line in the water and read the water perfectly when wearing Wiley X polarized eyewear. The fit of the eyewear is fantastic – often I don’t even feel I’m wearing them, which is ideal when fishing for a whole day. Wiley X has helped make me a more a more successful angler.

Morten Dons

Morten Dons is a Danish racecar driver with an enormous talent, and his resume emphasizes that: Danish Champion in Formel Ford, Swedish Champion in GT5 Challenge, and a Team Championship in British GT4. Morten Dons is now a rising star in the European Le Mans Series, where he won his first race in the LMP3 series at the Imola track in 2015.

With his new racing team, RLR MSport / Mike Smith Motorsport, Morten Dons is chasing his dream of participating in the 24 Hours Le Mans in 2017. We at Wiley X will offer our full support, and we are thrilled about the opportunity to work with a talent like Morten Dons.

"I'm very pleased to work with Wiley X. In motorsport you look at every single detail to achieve the maximum performance. I see the same high level of professionalism at Wiley X, which make them a valuable partner for me on my road to Le Mans."

Bo Vang

Para-cycler (former Motocross Rider)
Bo Vang is the essence of a true fighter and in spite of a serious motocross accident in 2011, which paralyzed him from the waist down, he has not lost his willpower and keeps pushing himself.

Before his accident Bo Vang was a world-class motocross rider and won the Danish Championship 10 times (5 times competing in the highest rank). He also raced in the SuperCross series and finished second in the European Championships once.

During his time as a professional motocross rider Bo Vang won the “Wiley X Fighter Award” several times, and this day today, he still swears to his Wiley X. Bo Vang is now competing in a completely different sport, Para-cycling, and one of his goals is the Olympics in 2020.

Hanne Wind Ramsgaard

I have been riding since the age of 10, and in 2007 i started to ride eventing.

In 2010 i was selectet to the national team for the Nordic Baltic Championship with my horse Lucky Luke, where our team won goldmedals. The same year I won gold at the Danish Team Championship with my then 5 year old Vestervangs Arami.

In 2011 I participated for the first time at the Young Horse World Championships with Arami and through 2012-13 and 14 I Trained him up to the highest level of Eventing CCI4 *.

The goal for 2015 is the European Championship in Blair Castle, and also to get enough world ranking points so that i qualify to Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

The German CIOR Team

Over 250 athletes participate in CIOR’s military pentathlon each year. Established in 1957, it is an internationally recognized competition focused on military skills that truly challenge the leadership and physical robustness of reservists from across the Alliance and its Partners.
CIOR Military Competition is a team competition in which each member of the team must complete the competition events together. The three-day competition consists of pistol and rifle shooting on the first day, obstacle course and utility swimming on the second day, and orienteering with additional tasks like range estimation, map reading and hand grenade throwing on the third day. Some of the highlights of the competition are detailed below.

Wiley X Europe is very proud to sponsor this team and congratulate them for winning all gold medals in 2013, except the medal belonging to the female catagory, which was won by a team from the Netherlands. They ended up 1st and 2nd in the overall ranking. This is a very unique incident, which has never taken place before in the long history of this event.

The current leader of the German CIOR Team states:
We use the Wiley X Saber Advanced at all of our competitions for shooting and orienteering. During shooting (and training of course) we use them for protecting our eyes from flying debris, oil and dust as well to enhance sight during challenging light conditions. During land orienteering we tend to use them mainly for protecting/preventing our eyes from limbs and tree branches getting into them.

Tariq Gangari

“I want iamONE.org.uk to be a hub of support for those who may be feeling lost or alone, like I did when I was a teenager.”    

This summer is an exciting one for Tariq as he will travel across the globe to complete his first audacious awareness campaign launching on August 22nd; a solo bike ride from Boston Massachusetts to Miami Florida (2,200 miles) a distance spanning almost the entire Atlantic coast of the USA.

“2012 is a big year for me and iamONE because it’s when things get ‘real.’  Doing something as crazy as cycling the Atlantic coast of America will not only prove a point to myself and my personal struggles but will also show the AS world that anything is possible. When I was diagnosed with AS in 2009 that was when I genuinely felt like my life had begun, we have to stay strong, stand tall and chase our greatness.”

If you want to find out more information about Tariq or contribute to his epic journey across the Atlantic coast find out how on his website at www.iamONE.org.uk or follow him on twitter on @iamoneorguk.

Tariq will be wearing his WX gear on his epic journey.  Here’s what he had to say about his WX GRAVITY Polarized Blue Mirrors:

"The Gravity is by far the best piece of eyewear I have ever had the privilege of wearing.  My vision is so crisp, so defined that it almost feels like slipping into a HD world.  The gasket makes for a great fit and blocks out a lot of dust and wind, crucial when cycling long distances.  I can’t wait to test these bad boys out on the open road!"

Rob Bruce – extreme runner

UK ultra-runner Rob Bruce loves a challenge. Something he achieves through extreme races in some of the world's toughest environments. Rob has previously raced in the International Himalayan Stage Race, a 160km race in the shadows of Everest with a cumulative elevation gain of over 23,000ft. Below you can read his endorsement of the XL-1 Advanced, which he used during the Marathon des Sables 2011 in the Moroccan desert – a 7 days 251 km run through sandstorms, rocks and dunes.

The Marathon des Sables is known as the toughest footrace on earth. 251km in six day stages across some of the world’s most punishing terrain in the Moroccan Sahara desert. Competitors are required to be self-sufficient carrying equipment and supplies necessary to survive a week in extreme conditions. With little outside assistance, there is little room for error and racing in this environment requires complete confidence in your equipment. I required eyewear that not only protected my eyes from the powerful UV rays, but something that would also allow protection from desert sandstorms. I took Wiley-X’s XL-1 Advanced eyewear and it proved to be a wise decision. The distinct advantage this model gave me was its ability to be adapted to give an airtight seal not only protecting me from the harsh sandstorm on day 2, but allowing me to save weight by not having to take goggles. Less weight means more speed, more speed means less time in the sun and on your feet resulting in quicker times.  

The XL-1 Advanced, my eyewear of choice for desert racing.

Holstebro Rowing Club

In August 2011 Wiley X became sponsor of Holstebro Rowing Club, a perfect opportunity to reach the many rowers in Denmark and to give something back to the local community. Both Wiley X and the club are very thrilled about this sponsorship, and Wiley X looks forward to follow the members in their hunt for medals.

Om Wiley X

I tre årtier har Wiley X været en stolt familie- og krigsveteranejet virksomhed. Som en af de førende producenter indenfor optisk teknologi, eksisterer Wiley X fordi de anerkender at nutidens livsstil udgør en konstant trussel mod øjnene. Alle Wiley X produkter udsættes for adskillige krævende tests for at kunne blive certificeret til EN.166 og ANSI Z87-1 – faktisk er Wiley X det eneste solbrillemærke i verden, hvis komplette kollektion er certificeret i henhold til EN.166 og ANSI Z87-1. Derudover har alle ballistiske brillemodeller også bestået militærets kraftige ballistiske anslagstest.

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